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Collaboration, decentralization and digital democracy:

three keys to combat
climate change

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Collaboration, decentralization and digital democracy

three keys to combating climate change

Hi this is DECA, a decentralized economy based on carbon credits.

Let’s talk about it!

Problems and Solutions

Double Spending
of Carbon Credits

Open decentralized ledger based on distributed hash  table registries

of the System

Free Software, Community Patches and a Proof of Trust  Consensus Blockchain

Carbon Credit

Votes by Staking Mechanism where Miners decide based on information

Demand &
Market Liquidity

Purchase of DECA allows the project owner to finance further green projects 

Entry Barrier 

Easy Access for Individuals through the purchase of DECA

Voluntary Carbon Market


Value to investors * Support green and environmental projects * Contract services of DECA partners and pay in DECA to create a social and environmental impact. * Purchase DECA to participate in the voluntary carbon credit market; make it easier for companies to offset their emissions by carbon credits. *A minimum return on investment can be ensured due to a gradual increase of carbon credit backup which leads to a higher minimum price of DECA.

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Token Sale Info

Start/End Dates

July 8, 2020 / September 16, 2020


5 weeks

Accepted Currencies


Soft Cap

10 million USD

Uncapped Token Supply

97.5% to public investors,
2.5% Team & Partners

CC Percentage Backup

Token Sale is Open!

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days : :

Market Cap (Carbon Credits +AOESF)




Latest Articles

DECA’S Carbon credit project

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Road Map

Q3 2018

Strategic Agreement with IHS to finance the project

Q1 2019

First version of the Whitepaper


July 8, 2020

Smart contract finished

Q4 2020

Webwallet finished and smart contract audited

Q2 2020

Pre ICO of DECA Token

Q2-Q3 2020

ICO of DECA Token

Q3 2020

Development of DECA Currency Starts


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Chief Financial Officer at IHS.

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